Episode 22 6/21/12


pod22pic.jpgWith Pedro, Eric and Mike

On this episode,

We stay with the national team, as we wrap up the group stage by running down the Denmark and Holland game.

Ronaldo has massive show up against Holland, but we can't give him all the credit.

We select our Portuguese MVP of the group stage, as well as our surprise player. Who would have thought that Varela and Nelson Oliveira would be Bento's first options off the Bench?

We discuss things that grabbed our attention during these first 3 games.

Finally we wrap up the pod by previewing the Czech Republic game, and discussing some of the keys to a game where Portugal are favorites, and it's not the game from 1996 that will make us less favorites, yet, Portugal mus approach this game in a serious manner and continue their steady climb to the top.

** I apologize for the abrupt ending to the podcast.  For the second night in a row I had problems with my audio recording software, 5 minutes were missing from the tail end of the  podcast which i relaized during editing, but the important content is all there.

thanks for listening