Episode 306 - Christmas is Red and White


On this week's podcast... we look back at the lackluster performance up north against third tier Montalegre, for the Portuguese Cup, contrasted by one of the best team performances under Vitoria by Benfica against Braga. We discuss the possible turning point this win can be, and how this type of performance should be the norm. Lastly we look ahead to the last game of the League Cup group stages against Aves, and the first game of 2019 down in Algarve against Portimonense.

Happy New Year!


Episode 305 - Naughty or Nice?


On this week's episode.... Alex Seixeiro drops in to talk Benfica. He helps us recap the AEK, and Maritimo games, discusses the poor form of the team, and helps us breakdown the crucial game against Braga this weekend, with serious undertones of future fortunes for both teams.

thanks for listening, and a Merry Christmas to everyone.


Episode 304 - Foul Play


On this week's episode... We recap both the P.Ferreira, and Setubal games, for the League Cup, and Liga Nos competitions, we also discuss Rui Vitoria's interview on Conversas a Benfica, and we preview the AEK game and the Maritimo games.


Episode 303 - Poof!! Ruidini Appearing Act


On this week's podcast... After all but saying goodbye to Rui Vitoria last week, we learned LFV had a change of heart during the night at the Seixal, and Vitoria stays after all. We recap the game against Feirense, and preview P. Ferreira and Setubal, in the December that may be Vitoria's litmus test.

thanks for listening


Episode 302 - Poof!! Ruidini Vanishing Act


On this week's episode.... We had the pleasure to welcome Antonio Magalhaes as We discussed Rui Vitoria's impending departure, recapped the Arouca and the Bayern games, looked ahead to Feirense and the month of December, and discussed possible options to take over the head coaching. 

thanks for listening

Episode 301 - Did You Know?


On this week's podcast.... We recap both the Ajax, and Tondela games, Cris learns a a little more about Benfica's modalidades, and we tell you which Benfica players will be on International duty.

Episode 300 - Thank You


On this week's podcast.. we breakdown the Moreirense game, discuss the possibility of a return by JJ, preview Ajax and Tondela.

As we prepared to record our 300th episode, I can’t help but to think how big a part of my life the podcast has become. What started as a hobby on a Saturday afternoon in front of a microphone, hitting the record button,  I would have never imagined the podcast would be able to fill my life with experiences and stories of a lifetime. Through this journey, I have forged many friendships from near and far, many of them going past the common interest that is Benfica, that I know will endure for the rest of my life.

Through this journey, I have been able to experience unique moments, moments that will be forever entrenched in my memory, moments that filled both my heart and my eyes with emotions. I’m still taken back by the many of you that express how the podcast is a part of your weekly routine, and how much you value the content we put out, YOU are also part of those unique moments.


Almost seven years later and 300 episodes, I still find joy, and excitement to press the record button, much of that joy has been driven by your support, and your friendship. I am tremendously grateful for all your support, and for being one of the reasons that have allowed me to enjoy the experiences as a result of the popularity of the podcast; for that, I am eternally grateful.

One last word of appreciation to everyone who has, directly or indirectly, been part of this labor of love that is our podcast, thank you for your time, your attention, your consideration, and your dedication.   

Here’s to another 300!

Alfredo Fumacas

Episode 299 - Two Belenenses Eyes


On this week's episode... we look back at Benfica's loss at Jamor against Belenenses SAD, discuss the leaked phone call between Boaventura and Luis Felipe Vieira, go over some points in LFV's TV interview, and look ahead to Moreirense.

thanks for listening.



Episode 298 - Amsterdamned


On this week's podcast... We recap Benfica's Portuguese Cup against minnows Sertanense, Benfica's UCL match in Amsterdam, where Benfica continues to not have much luck, look ahead to Belenenses SAD this weekend, and bring in a special guest to discuss email leaks, and Benfica's legal actions against bloggers who have publicly shared them.

Episode 297 - 20th time is a charm


On this week's podcast... We look back at the Classico where Rui Vitoria finally broke is winless streak against porto. We discuss the game, and offer our opinions on a few other topics related to the game. Lastly we look ahead to Benfica's trip to Amsterdam to face Ajax on 10/23.

thanks for listening

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