Episode 26 7/24/12


kardecsaviola.jpgwith Pedro, Chris,Neil and Marco

In this weeks pod, we get into Benfica's participation in the Polish Masters' tournament, where Benfica lost in the Final against PSV.

We discuss who played and who didn't, the two formations JJ has accustomed us to, as well as the lack of player rotation he has also accustomed us to.

Did Maxi pick up a red card to finally get some rest? Martins continues to shine, Djalo's  hair also, but that's the only shine coming from Djalo'.

29 days until the start of the season, and Melgarejo is our best left back.

Whether it's to find out why Rojo chose Benfica over Sporting, or if Kardec really learned anything from Neymar we got you covered.

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Episode 25 7/18/12


With Chris and Nealx999.jpg

On this Episode we discuss Benfica's training camp in Evian. We run through the three friendly matches and discuss player contributions, and match performances.

We "marvel" at JJ's less than conventional moves, and we each pick the player(s) that surprised us the most during these first 3 games.

We take a quick look at the rest of the friendly fixtures for Benfica, and we wrap it up with Benfica B team info.

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Episode 24 7/11/12


With Chrisng1036787.jpg

On this Episode, Benfica got their season under way, Chris an I discuss Benfica's training camp at Evian, and the 28 players at camp. We also take a look at the depth of the squad with these 28 players. Will the very strong pre-season opponents bear the right fruits? A Quick run through the first half fixtures for Benfica with a special look at specific runs that will prove crucial in the success of the team. Lastly, the B team, who is at camp and who is not.

Recorded live on Google+ hangouts - Watch the recording here

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Episode 23 7/3/12


With  Pedro and Chris

On this episode, recorded live on Google+ Hangouts, We discuss Portugal's game against Spain and the teams overall performance throughout the Euro. We pick our Most Valuable , Surprise and Revelation Player for Portugal, and we wonder why Hugo Almeida gets paid so much money to play football. We also look at the ages of these 23 players and see who will be around for Brazil 2014.

You can watch this Pod being recorded on my Youtube channel.

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I'd like to thank Eric Krakauer for coming on throughout the Euro, and being a part of this Pod.