Episode 119 7/29/14


CUTI7154.jpgIn this week's episode...

We look back at Benfica's games against Marseille and Ajax. Putting away the results, we look at the team's progress as a whole and how they are assimilating JJs ideas. We also offer some more impressions on the new signings as well as some of the other players that are at camp.
Following our squad breakdown, we discuss a bit of Benfica news. The Fly Emirates deal, Farinas loan, Eliseu and Bebe's signings, and Benfica TV in the UK.
Lastly we look at the 28 players that made the trip to Switzerland to play against Sion and Athletic Bilbau this weekend. More chances to impress for some players, as the squad will be trimmed very soon.

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Episode 118 7/22/14


joaoteixeira.jpgIn this week's episode...

We offer our first impressions on the new signings, the returning players, and some of the B players that have been promoted. Next up we enlist the help of Pedro to explain Benfica's obligations to BES and what that means for the immediate future of the club.
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Episode 117 7/15/14


In this week's Podcast....

We are back, and we get right into Benfica's Pre-Season. Who's at camp, who left, and new signings.

We get things started by reading off the extensive list of who is at camp. B team players, returning players and new signings.

Staying with new signings, we look at every new signing, with complete stats of what each player did this past season, and we offer our opinion on each one of them. Some of them from what we have seen, others from the not so reliable You Tube Scouting.

Next up we talk about the players who have been confirmed as leaving. From Garay to Oblak, we discuss the deals, and look at Benfica's business sense. We also spend sometime talking about the strange Garay transfer and Oblak's less than popular actions.

Lastly we look ahead to Benfica's first pre-season matches for the Lisbon Honor Cup, a competition that may bring us the first derby of the season.

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National Team Pod #5 7/2/14


In this week's episode...

We wrap up Portugal's participation in the World Cup. First we look back at Portugal's game against Ghana, where Portugal created enough chances to erase their negative goal differential, ye,t were not able to put the chances away. Next up, we look at Portugal's World Cup showing, while referencing some of what Paulo Bento said in this week's  interview to Portuguese TV. Lastly we look ahead to the National team's supposed renewal as mentioned by Paulo Bento.

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We will be back in two week's to our regularly scheduled Benfica Podcast


National Team Pod #4 6/24/14


natltpodpic4.jpgIn this week's episode....

We look back at Portugal's game against the USA. Another disappointing performance, but who's really to blame? We offer our opinions and are all in consensus as to who the blame should fall on. We also look at failed tactics, faulty game plan among other things. While we tried to keep it upbeat, and positive in last week's podcast, this week we roll up sleeves and go to work on the Selecaos miserable Word Cup.

In the second segment of the podcast, we turn our attention to Portugal's group game against Ghana. Once again with calculator in hand, it's going to take a lot more than simple calculations for Portugal to make it through - We will need a win and lots of goals, something we have been short on the first couple of games.

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National Team Pod #3


ntlteampic3.jpgIn this episode...

We couldn't avoid breaking down Portugal's game against Germany. We try to keep it upbeat and realistic, rather than giving the team a trashing. Sure the game against Germany wasn't going to be the easiest of games, but losing the way we did, certainly didn't go over too well. We reflect on Pepe's actions, and whether Paulo Bento was out coached.

In the next segment we look ahead to Portugal's against the US. Game plan, projected line up and the climate are some of the things we touch up on.

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National Team Pod #2


ntlteampod2pic.jpgIn this Week's Episode.....

We get things started by recapping Portugal's game against Mexico. We talk line up, game plan, and Bento's choice. This past tuesday Portugal played their last warm up game against Ireland, we offer our opinion on the game, Ronaldo's return and speculate on who may have won a starting spot based on their performance.

In the next segment Cristiano, Steve and Eric share their observations of the National team's camp, the good the bad, and what we can look forward to in this World Cup.

Lastly, we look ahead to Portugal's first game against Germany, by mentioning some of the keys for Portugal to beat Germany. We each offer our starting line up prediction and Eric makes his bold predictions.

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National Team Pod #1


ptpodpic1.jpgOn this special edition of the Talking to the Doll Podcast we put on our National Team colors and turn the podcast into a national team pod.
We will be covering the national team throughout the World Cup

On this first installment....

We get things started by discussing the 23 chosen by Paulo Bento, Quaresma's and Adrien's omissions as well as the status of some of the players who are being handled carefully due to long seasons.

Next up, we get into the topic everyone is talking about - Cristiano Ronaldo's health

We also look back at the Greece game, and look ahead to Portugal's second warm up against Mexico.

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Episode 116 5/27/14


116pic.jpgIn this week's episode....

We open up the show by talking about Luis Felipe Vieira's interview to RTP. Among other topics we discuss, Benfica TV, Siqueira, Rodrigo's and Gomes' departure and JJ's continuation.

On the sec half of the pod, we recap the memorable season Benfica had. We all offer our memorable moments of the season, and give out our end of the season awards for Best Defensive, and Best Offensive player, Revelation Player, Most Improved, Flop, and MVP of the season.

thank you for all your support throughout the season.

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Episode 115 5/20/14


pod115.jpgIn this week's episode.......

We get the podcast started by looking back at Benfica's game against Sevilla in the Europa League Final. We question the teams approach, Bella Guttman's coach, and JJ's game of probabilities. Although we didn't win, there are plenty of reasons to be proud of this team.

In the second half, we look back at our third title of the season domestically, something that has never been done before by any Portuguese team.

To finish up, we talk about possible exits and the Polish Matic.

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